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JOB AID FOR UKRAINIAN REFUGEES – a job exchange for people in need

JOB AID FOR UKRAINIAN REFUGEES supports people who had to leave their country. We want to bring jobseekers and employers together to support the integration into the European labor market and to bring back financial security.

/ Now is the time to act

War is raging in Ukraine and has already reached large parts of the country. Thousands of civilians are on the run, trying to get to safety. The majority of them are women with children who had to leave their homes and husbands behind and nobody can predict how long this terrible situation will last.

Even when it is difficult, we want to give a perspective – and this includes a job. This platform aims to create a suitable environment in which this special group of jobseekers can meet employers who are happy to support. Companies can present themselves as potential employers and offer numerous jobs in various sectors and locations or remote. We facilitate the first uncomplicated contact and exchange. Of course, the job exchange is free of charge. 

/ I am looking for help

If you have already left the country or if you are planning to leave the Ukraine and you need help or a job, take a look at the job board.

*The jobs are only available for people suffering from the current situation. 

/ I am a company and want to help

If you want to support Ukraine refugees by leaving the country and/or finding a job in Europe, please add your vacancies to our job board. 

Listing a job is completely free of charge.

/ Why jobs can make a difference

A job can help regain a touch of normality, it can help to remain independent, it can give some distraction, new hope, perspective and of course financial stability. The hurdles for refugees – even well-trained professionals – to find work are often high: legal restrictions, language barriers or recognition of qualifications. 

JOB AID FOR UKRAINIAN REFUGEES wants to help to overcome these hurdles – hands-on and with less bureaucracy. We already collaborate with many companies and numbers are rising daily. A big network increases the chances for a successful match that gives people the chance for a new beginning. Only if we act together now will we be able to overcome the crisis!

/ All-Stars for Ukraine

/ Tell us your success story

You already have employed a Ukrainian refugee? Don’t hesitate to tell us about this graceful act of help. We are always looking for success stories and hear from people and companies that we were able to help.

/ Bank accounts for refugees

As a bank account is required to get your loan in most European countries we are proud to announce that the German Sparkasse offers bank accounts for Ukrainian refugees. 

The only document required to open an account is a valid passport.