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Digital Marketing Manager/Lead/CMO (part-time)

GreenM is an engineering and professional services provider for Data-centric solutions, founded in 2014.

We are currently looking for a Digital Marketing Manager/Lead or CMO (part-time) to strengthen our team and join us in developing and implementing our marketing strategy (in particular, inbound).


The challenges ahead of us:

·       Audit, analysis of the company's current expertise, and identification of new knowledge according to market needs, which will be packaged in a sales presentation and aimed at a new TA;

·       Analysis of existing clients and formation of marketing activities for them;

·       Forming a strategy for identifying new industries and developing new markets where the company can be successful;

·       Creating a portfolio with feedback from former and current partners;

·       ROI analysis. Monitoring and timely response to data in all campaigns and research of information on sales rates to determine the success of the campaign;

·       Development of both external and internal Brands of the company;

·       Marketing budget management, cost optimization, and reporting;

·       Planning visits to web summits, professional events, and conferences.

·       Coordinating the work of the team and contractors.


Required skills and experience:

·       4+ years of successful work experience in IT marketing (outsourcing/outstaffing), B2B, which is confirmed by specific results: audience growth, increase in conversions, etc.; experience in the promotion of IT Outsourcing companies in Europe and the US;

·       Advanced level of written and spoken English;

·       Experience in creating and managing a successful marketing strategy;

·       Possession of practical and theoretical knowledge of working with various marketing channels;

·       Experience with Hub Spot or similar marketing and automation platforms;

·       Experience in promoting the company brand through Clutch, Glassdoor, etc.;

·       Successful cooperation with the sales department (Lead Gen, Sales Development Representative, Business Development Manager, etc.) according to the principles of outbound marketing;

·       Management experience: personnel selection, goal setting, and monitoring, analysis of results, development of business processes;

·       Soft - strong self-management, self-motivation, and a great desire to achieve set goals, understanding the value of what will be achieved.


What’s cool about working with us, maybe):

·       First of all, this is a quick and high-quality professional development;

·       You will have the opportunity to implement initiatives and build processes;

·       We promise interesting and challenging tasks;

·       We offer an educational environment and possibilities for professional growth;

·       We work as a team: discuss problems and look for solutions together

·       No micromanagement.


Our full-time colleagues (and we don't rule out that you may want to join our team full-time in the future) get:

·       The opportunity to work remotely or from abroad (a prerequisite is the 3rd form of "individual entrepreneur");

·       All necessary equipment and assistance in setting up a home office;

·       20 vacation days, UA holidays;

·       Medical insurance + unlimited sick leave (no need to provide a certificate, we work on trust);

·       Maternity leave programs;

·       Paid sabbatical after five years of work in the company;

·       Remuneration for advanced training courses (including English courses of your choice), books, participation in seminars, conferences in the country and abroad

·       Reimbursement of sports training and psychological support;

·       Lawyer, accountant, negotiator for both work and personal occasions oratory trainer, etc;

·       The opportunity to visit web summits, professional events, and conferences;

·       In addition, corporate Friday Talks (knowledge-sharing sessions) and Meetups will allow you to get acquainted with technologies outside your core area and improve your soft skills.


Interview process:

  1. 1. Interview with Recruiter;

  2. 2. Interview with Sales & Marketing team;

  3. 3. Final call with CEO, and Head of Sales to discuss details of cooperation (if needed)

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