Uploaded: 09:51 - 26.05.2023

Aircraft Mechanic

Task information:

- Independent maintenance and repairs of supervised by us aircraft types in compliance with all relevant valid regulations and within the scope of the obtained qualification.

- Structural repairs of airplanes as well as providing repair measures on aircraft components according to the SCL made of fiber composites, metal and mixed constructions according to manufacturer's instructions.

- Implementation of scheduled and unscheduled NDT - maintenance measures in compliance and with respect to the applicable rules, test procedures, test instructions, standards and aircraft/attachment specifications as well as certification of these with an EASA Form 1

- Ensuring that all maintenance documents filled out properly

- Temporary assignments at maintenance stations in Germany and abroad

- Further tasks can be assigned by the supervisors

Requirements for the job holder:

Qualification requirements:

- A completed s  in an aeronautical or comparable profession or by

many years of experience acquired comparable knowledge

- Several years of experience in the maintenance and servicing of civil aviation equipment and its engines in the

Area of line or base maintenance

- AML as CAT a or B1 is desirable, but not required

- NDT Level 2 courses for the procedures UT, ET and PT

- Very good knowledge of aviation law in aviation quality management systems and EASA regulations -

in particular, about the rights and obligations as a mechanic, CAT A and NDT inspector

- good eyesight according to DIN EN 4179

- Good written and spoken English and German language skills

More Social requirements

- High flexibility, fun working in a team and customer orientation

- Independent and very conscientious way of working

- High load capacity

- Ability to work in a team and absolute loyalty

Other requirements

- Suitability for shift work in three-shift operation

- Driver's license Kl. 3/B

- Willingness to travel

Remuneration: acc. Qualification (VTV No.1)

Start of the call: 05.05.2023

End of the call: 19.05.2023

Hendrik Schubien, Station Manager Düsseldorf, will be happy to answer any special questions of a technical nature.

A short application with an opinion on the individual requirement criteria and, if necessary, the addition of

Please send certificates that do not yet exist to [email protected] .

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