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Graphic Designer (Mid-Level)

Graphic Designer (Mid-Level)

About UWP Digital: an international company with Ukrainian roots. Our team consists of the best marketers in different parts of the world, who are united by one idea — the development of marketing with the help of smart technologies.

The Perfect Fit:

  • Boasts a solid graphic design background with at least 3 years of experience.

  • Exhibits a keen interest in UX/UI.

  • Demonstrates expertise in leveraging neural networks for design.

  • Has proficiency in animation.

  • Holds experience catering to the European market.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Craft exceptional marketing visuals, including creatives, reels, and stories.

  • Spearheaded projects from conceptualization to execution under the guidance of a senior designer.

  • Collaborate closely with SMM professionals.

  • Articulately present and champion your design perspectives.

  • Conduct pivotal market and audience analyses.

    Benefits of Joining UWP Digital:

    • Remote Flexibility: Enjoy the convenience of working from any location.

    • Competitive Bonus Structure: Achieve and be rewarded for hitting milestones.

    • Continuous Learning: Access to regular training sessions and workshops to further hone your skills.

    • Team Building: Engage in regular team outings and virtual hangouts to foster camaraderie.

    • Career Progression: Opportunities for advancement and diversified project exposure.

Application Instructions: Please include your CV and portfolio. Highlight a case study you're particularly proud of, detailing its significance and the client outcomes you achieved.

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