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Senior Software Engineer

You will be joining to a start-up company in Ireland, with a passion and exciting new opportunities to build a brand-new team.

Location: Cork will be an strategic location for the office, but they are open to offer this role as fully remote or hybrid model.

Company Overview: They are on a mission to humanize IT and IT services. They believe in making technology an enabler and creating a joyful experience for users, rather than reducing it to impersonal ticket numbers.

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in turning this vision into reality. You will craft a product experience that not only impacts their software but also establishes a beloved brand, working at the intersection of engineering, operations, and marketing to reflect a people-first approach that's both compassionate and cutting-edge.

About the Opportunity: An exciting opportunity for a Senior Software Engineer to join an early-stage tech start-up dedicated to revolutionizing the IT Support sector. If you're a software maestro looking to code for people, not just tickets, and want to re-engineer an entire industry, then keep reading.

What They Can Do for You

·         Continuous Learning: Thrive in a dynamic learning environment where each day brings new opportunities for growth.

·         Make Your Mark: This isn’t just another app; it's a movement. See your work impact thousands of organizations.

·         Inclusive Culture: Join a team that values every voice and learns from every challenge.

·         Team Synergy: Build alongside an experienced crew who love to collaborate and think failing is just another form of learning.

·         Transparency into decisions: They’re wildly transparent—you'll see the 'why' behind the decision we make.

What You Can Do for Them

·         Be the Brain: Bring your Python, Node.js, and TypeScript wizardry to elevate our platforms.

·         User Insight: Engage with customers to get to the heart of their needs and translate that into your code.

·         Architect of the Cloud: Use your AWS and Infrastructure as Code skills to build and scale our solutions.

·         Self-Driven Excellence: They don’t micromanage. They expect self-motivated pros who find and fill gaps.

·         Culture Carrier: Your growth mindset and self-awareness will make their strong culture even stronger.

What You Should Bring with You

·         3+ years of experience in software engineering or related fields.

·         Tech Stack Prowess: Strong experience in Python, Node.js, TypeScript, and all that jazz.

·         Cloud Savvy: Experience with AWS and Infrastructure as Code is a must.

·         People Focus: A genuine interest in understanding user needs and translating them into technical solutions.

·         Collaborative Spirit: You don’t just contribute to your codebase; you contribute to team morale.

·         Curious Nature: Your inquisitiveness should be like their code—never-ending and always improving.

"We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team because we firmly believe that a diverse workforce leads to innovation and success.

We encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply, as we value diversity and strive to create an inclusive work environment.

Our team is committed to promoting diversity in all aspects of our work; diversity is not just a policy; it's a fundamental part of our team's DNA.

We have diversity and inclusion initiatives in place to ensure a welcoming workplace. Furthermore, we are dedicated to actively enforcing equality within our team, with policies and practices that guarantee equal opportunities, fair treatment, and a workplace free from discrimination, where every team member has an equal chance to thrive and succeed."

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