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Helpdesk Specialist

You will be joining to a start-up company in Ireland, with a passion and exciting new opportunities to build a brand-new team.

Company Overview: They are on a mission to humanize IT and IT services. They believe in making technology an enabler and creating a joyful experience for users, rather than reducing it to impersonal ticket numbers.


Job Description

You are responsible for the delivery and coordination of technical support that creates positive customer experiences. Your primary duty is to ensure that all technical issues raised by end users are addressed with empathy, immediacy, and effectiveness, with the aim of continuously improving the customer experience. Your responsibilities include the adept handling of help desk inquiries and the cultivation of positive relationships with the IT teams of our customers, as well as their end users.

You partner with the Customer Success team to streamline customer onboarding and enhance ongoing service delivery, with strategies informed by feedback and Net Promoter Score (NPS) insights.

In partnership with Engineering and Product Operations, you participate in developing IT automation workflows, contributing to the innovation that reduces manual interventions in tech support. This collaboration is vital in crafting solutions that lead to more efficient  support processes.

You are responsible for delivering targeted training sessions to help new customers get started and to reduce repeat inquiries.

You participate in a shift rotation covering U.S. business hours.

Primary Responsibilities

·         Provide technical support that consistently achieves positive customer outcomes, as evidenced by customer satisfaction surveys and feedback.

·         Manage the full help desk experience for end users, ensuring efficient issue resolution through direct support or effective coordination with the relevant teams.

·         Increase the rate of first-contact issue resolution by continuously enhancing diagnostic and troubleshooting skills within various technical domains.

·         Build and grow positive relationships with customer IT staff, leaders, and end-users, with relationship strength validated by satisfaction surveys.

·         Collaborate with the Customer Success team to ensure new customer integration is smooth, as measured by onboarding timeframes and improvements informed by NPS feedback.

·         Facilitate the creation of innovative IT automation workflows by systematically identifying and documenting manual processes for frequent support issues.

·         Deliver training sessions designed to diminish repeat help desk inquiries, with

·         success indicated by a downward trend in such requests.

·         Participate in a shift rotation that provides comprehensive coverage for U.S. business hours, ensuring availability from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.

Technical Skills

·         Working Knowledge of Productivity Tools: Proficient with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack for everyday use and able to fix routine issues.

·         Familiarity with Identity and Access Management: Understands the fundamentals of user authentication and authorization, including the use of password management and multi-factor authentication.

·         Working Knowledge of Operating Systems: Able to address and fix routine issues within Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

·         Familiarity with Internet and Networking: Acquainted with the principles of how the internet functions, including TCP/IP and basic network protocols, sufficient to perform standard troubleshooting.

Non-Technical Skills

·         Strong interpersonal skills to build strong connections with team members and customers.

·         Clear and concise written and verbal communication. Skilled in quick decision-making and task prioritization. Efficient at coordinating and resolving issues.

·         Ability to learn new technical skills quickly.

Demonstrated success in team collaboration and shared accountability.


·         Empathy: Proven ability to understand and connect with team members and customers, creating a supportive service environment.

·         Patience: Consistent calm and composed interactions, even in challenging service scenarios.

·         Collaboration: Highly skilled at working with teams to solve problems. Learning: Quick to grasp new concepts and technologies.

·         Adaptability: Flexible and persistent, especially in dynamic settings.

·         Analytical Thinking: Able to dissect complex issues and offer clear, effective solutions.

·         Curiosity: Naturally inquisitive with a strong desire to understand systems and processes thoroughly.

Education and Experience

·         Minimum 2+ years of experience in customer service role, with a preference for backgrounds in technology retail environments such as an Apple store or similar, or possession of a bachelor's degree in a related field or a recent graduate of a tech skills program (Future in Tech as an example).

·         IT certifications such as ITIL, CompTIA A+, and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) are “Nice-to-Have” but not required.

·         Cloud certifications such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Google Associate

·         Cloud Engineer, Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals are “Nice-to-Have” but not required.

Work Location

This is a hybrid position that blends remote work with in-person duties at our forthcoming office in Cork, Ireland. Candidates will be expected to attend the office as required once it is operational.

EEO Statement

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer: All qualified applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.

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