Our tech stack

State of the art Frameworks

JobAidUkraine.com has multiple services under the hood:


What you experience, reading this text, is a server side rendered website via Nuxt 3. Nuxt is an opinionated framework used to build frontends using Vue 3. Using daisyUI as a component library and TailwindCSS as a CSS framework makes it easy to use and fast in development.


The core of JobAidUkraine is our Spring Boot 2 backend. Our backend contians all the core functionality of managing jobs, company accounts and search.

Authentication and authorization

Keycloak in its newest version is what acts as our IDP. All our relevant services use a central keycloak as our OIDC provider.

Service Middleware

As we don't have any revenue with this project we rely on free tools. When you enter an address, our internal geo services tries to find geo coordinates and the english name to the given town name. The code is written in NodeJS, using express as a middleware and MongoDB as a database.

Also we have a language checker for posted jobs. JobAidUkraine offers its services to people from all over the world. A commonon language in job postings is mandatory. We only allow english job positings so a nodeJS services checks the language of any post and accepts or declines the posting.

Logging and monitoring

Having an eye on our infrastructure is mandatory. DataDog is a good tool that enables us with our stack to create spans and trace requests through the whole platform.

Further information to come.

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