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To help as a corporate, just fill out the form below.  If you do not have an account on jobAidUkraine.com yet, an account will be created on the fly. After you have filled out the form press the “preview” button to re-check your job offer.

For general information about employing Ukrainian  refugees, check out our detailed FAQ.

Please publish your job postings in english or ukrainian language, but not in german.

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Posting and managing jobs is absolutely free of charge. There are no fees and no hidden costs. We are all here to help in a very special situation.

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When you are not signed in and create a job, an account is automatically created. You will receive an email to confirm your email address after you click the preview button.

Accounts are mandatory. With an account you can edit the job details, mark them as fulfilled, or delete them at any time. 

When creating a job posting, you create an account on the fly. After you have validated your email address and have yourself logged in, you can simply manage your job postings in the "job board".

When you delete your account, all your postings will also be deleted and not stay in the database.

As we do not offer application management and applicants will be forwarded to your own HR tool to maintain your own processes, you will not receive any notification by us about new applications. 

There is no tracking yet, neither is one planned.